Art to Buy

For more than 30 years, Straube Center exhibition rooms have displayed local and international artists’ works in regularly rotating art shows. In addition, the Straube Center Office Park was turned into a sculpture garden with “Art You Can Touch”, including large bronze, wood, metal, marble sculptures and stone carvings by a variety of locally as well as globally well-known artists.

In 2010, exhibits of “Ebullient Art” were added to the selection of shows.  The designation “Ebu-Arts,” for short, was chosen for all high-value-component works of art, regardless of genre, which as a whole, display an own radiating, precious identity.

In this section, we will list original Ebu-Arts pieces that are for sale. Visit Ebu-Arts Originals and Ebu-Arts Posters for the current listings. Our curator Elizabeth Klein will be able to answer any questions you might have. Visit the Straube Center website for dates of upcoming art shows where Ebu-Arts Originals are on display.