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Please read the Ebu-Arts Guidelines before submitting this form. Work which does not meet the Ebu-Arts guidelines will be disqualified.

Submissions for the Ebu-Arts Contest are due March 25, 2016.

    Only one piece of art per submission form!

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    If you feel that a photograph does not adequately show your piece feel free to submit a link to video footage, or send your work itself to:

    The Ebu-Arts Museum
    c/o Elizabeth Klein
    1 Straube Center Boulevard
    Pennington, NJ 08534
    Be sure to include a means to return your piece (ie: return shipping label) if you would like us to do so. We are also always appreciative of donations.
    Donation: If you do not need your piece to be returned to you, please check this box. By checking this box you give the Ebu-Arts Museum permission to claim ownership of your work as of March 25, 2016, after the Ebu-Arts Contest exhibit has ended at no cost to the Ebu-Arts Museum.

    I Agree: By submitting my work, I understand that I am granting Ebu-Arts.org the right to use the submitted work and information on their website, social media, and in other promotional materials. Ebu-Arts will not post or give out my private contact information without my permission, but may use my name, artist statement, and information about the piece submitted.

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