It’s What’s Inside That Counts

by Geneva Anastasio

It's What's Inside That Counts

The intention of this installation is to contrast the differences between the external life and internal life of each of us.  Regardless of differences in our physical state, we all carry within us a unique, divine spark.  It was my intention to represent that spark with this project.  The piece was three years in the making. During that time, there were four significant deaths in my immediate circle.   My friend Joe Mamo is represented by the small copper pipes that help illuminate the centerpiece. Kristy Manning, my step-daughter, is represented by the intricate wire and crystal projections that spring from the centerpiece.  Karen Reed’s legacy for the project includes many of the beads and rhinestones used in the centerpiece.   George DiCenzo, a family friend, is represented by the hanging keys.

The centerpiece is constructed of Swarovski crystals, glass pebbles, silvered river stones, round mirrors, copper piping, and clear glass ornaments painted and decorated with wire, ribbon, beads and crystals.  The interior walls of the installation are covered in over 12,000 one- inch mirrors.  The floor is hand cut blue spectrum glass with blue water-glass trails extending into the ceiling.

After the initial surprise at the disparity between the interior and the exterior, many find the space to be meditative in nature.  It is interesting to note that given how much of the interior is mirrored, one does not really see oneself.  Rather, one sees kaleidoscopic images that change with the movement of the centerpiece and your own perspective.  The chimes contribute to the peaceful atmosphere. Available for $50,000